random thoughts from bizzaro world


I would put money that the majority of patriots haters are liberals.

Isis and terrorists are not Islamic. At Guantanamo we are very careful to make sure that we honor the prisoners religious beliefs in every possible way.

Bruce Jenner got a new cereal gig. Fruit loops.

The Seattle Seahawks proved themselves to be a classless pack of thugs.

This is a reflection on their coach.

Living in NH I am really starting to buy this global warming stuff.

Tom Brady had every reason to lash out at his detractors after the win but as always he remains above the fray with humility and class. We are lucky to have him as our QB.

ESPN, Chris Mortenson, the gaggle of ex players ill call the losers club who crapped all over our team and their QB are all an embarrassment to their professions.


Pats Win Pats Win Pats Win


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